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Dongguan City Ming Zhen Rubber Products Co., Ltd
Add: No. 6, Shixing South Road, Shek Pai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 86-769-86652688
 Fax: 86-796-86341384
Contact: Miss Li  13669888704
Web: www.dgminz.com
E-mail: lixiaoxia@dgminz.com.cn

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Dongguan City Ming Zhen Rubber Products Co., LtdIs a professional engaged in silicone products, rubber products development and production enterprises, the factory since its inception in 2006, and always adhere to the "create value for customers" concept, rapid product development, high elasticity of production and service arrangements, and strict Quality inspection checks, so that the rapid development of the company and become many customers one-stop high-quality procurement suppliers.
We have a wealth of sealing materials and sealing products expertise, and equipped with excellent silicone mold manufacturing equipment and hydraulic molding equipment, can be free to help customers develop the design, and with the best product development program. The use of materials are related to the international certification, the use of mold steel to ensure that more than 20,000 models.
At present, and our customers have the world's top 500, there are small domestic factories, we carefully treat, unified quality standards, attention and win every customer and long-term common development is our relentless pursuit.
Our main products are all kinds of silicone products, rubber products, mobile phone silicone sets, PSP game sets of silicone sets, silicone tableware, silicone baking pan, silicone watch belt, silicone keys, silicone rubber conductive button, electronic cigarette pieces, electronic cigarette insulation Circle, and other electronic cigarette accessories, shower silicone accessories, leakage mesh, gaskets, feet, line deduction, seals, O-ring, waterproof ring, silicone ring, polyurethane seals, air conditioning with cyanide nitrile ring Wait.

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