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Silicone sealing ring



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone sealing ring
    • Commodity ID: R1505

    There is a gap between the ordinary key and the body, and it is easy to enter dust and water. Therefore, the key is generally integrated with silica gel or assembled with waterproof structural glue to achieve waterproof and dustproof effects. Silicone rubber has excellent electrical insulation and fatigue resistance and many other characteristics. The keys are integrally formed with the wrapped silicone layer, which is dustproof and waterproof, and the keys feel strong. The battery compartment cover is added with a transparent silicone waterproof sealing ring. Through extrusion, the silicone deforms to seal the thread gap and plays a waterproof role. The USB charging port is equipped with a soft rubber plug. The soft rubber plug and the USB seat are tightly matched with soft rubber to prevent dust and water.

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