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Customization Advantage

What silicone customization problems can we solve for you?

Sample development and design:

Through 3D graphic design analysis, we can figure out how to process and customize samples, how to develop mold formulas, and provide customers with reasonable and appropriate designs in terms of measurement, design, and performance.

What problems can I help you solve?

Customizing satisfactory silicone products, and the cost of trade procurement is too high: buying products and being afraid of not being able to use them.

The product quality is better, and samples are produced before production to ensure the product is suitable.

With pictures and samples, you can quote transparent prices quickly and worry-free.

Product optimization services:

Through analysis, we summarize the applicable performance of products, and provide customers with excellent product solutions based on more than 10 years of industry experience.

What kind of problems can I help you solve?Product quality issues, such as poor elasticity, poor toughness, poor transparency, insufficient strength, poor flame retardancy, poor weather resistance, yellowing, poor adhesion, cracking and aging.Practical performance issues, such as poor efficacy, low cost-effectiveness, unreasonable design, poor applicability, and durability issues.