Dongguan Mingzhen Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Address: No.4, New Industrial Road, Shipai Tangwei, shipai town, Dongguan City
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Quality Assurance

At present, the customers we cooperate with are the world's top 500 and small domestic factories. We treat them attentively, unify quality standards, attach importance to and win every customer and develop together for a long time.
Our main products include all kinds of silicone products, rubber products, mobile phone silicone sleeves, PSP game machine silicone sleeves, silicone tableware, silicone baking pans, silicone watch bands, silicone keys, silicone conductive keys, electronic cigarette silicone parts, electronic cigarette insulation rings and other electronic cigarette accessories, shower silicone accessories, leakage mesh, sealing pads, foot pads, wire buckles, sealing rings, O-rings, waterproof rings, silicone rings, polyurethane sealing rings, nitrile cyanide sealing rings for air conditioners, etc.