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Silicone Miscellaneous Silicone Plug



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone Miscellaneous Silicone Plug
    • Commodity ID: J1250

    Product features:

    1, silicone material quality elastic, beautiful, elastic foot, soft, fit.

    2. Silicone plugMade of high-quality silica gel, used to seal test tubes, triangular flasks and other utensils, with light weight, flexibility, tight sealing and other advantages.

    3. High quality material, elastic foot,Silicone plug has the advantages of strong, beautiful and tight sealing. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

    4, rubber stopper matching test tube, matching burning bottle stopper wall is thicker.

    5. Silicone plug is born for professional experimental supplies.

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