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Silicone Miscellaneous Accessories Silicone Special-shaped Strip



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone Miscellaneous Accessories Silicone Special-shaped Strip
    • Commodity ID: U5210
    Classification of silicone miscellaneous pieces:
    (I) silicone type:
    Silicone tube, silicone film, ultra-thin silicone film, plastic wrap silicone film, infinite length silicone film, silicone sealing strip, special-shaped strip, silicone lunch box sealing ring, fresh-keeping box sealing ring, LED display waterproof ring, silicone tableware, silicone bottle stopper, heat insulation pad, silicone cup pad, silicone mold, lighter silicone sleeve, silicone watchband, silicone bracelet and other silicone craft products.
    (II) rubber: various specifications of rubber rings, waterproof rings, O-rings, oil seals, dust pipes, rubber gaskets, pads, foot pads, rubber anti-skid pads, shock absorbers, rubber gears, audio gaskets, toy car tires and all kinds of rubber miscellaneous parts and finished products.

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