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Silicone Shaped Seal Ring Water Cup Silicone Seal Ring



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone Shaped Seal Ring Water Cup Silicone Seal Ring
    • Commodity ID: R5640
    Water cup silicone ring is mainly used for, insulation box, fresh-keeping box, insulation box, oven, magnetized cup and other daily use silicone cup cover is mainly non-slip, heat insulation, heat preservation, non-toxic and environmental protection, feel good, beautiful and practical, no side effects on human body.
    Silicone sealing ring of water cup: it is placed in the inner card groove of the water cup lid, which mainly plays a role of waterproof and sealing. The water cup is a daily necessities for everyone. The water cup with good sealing performance is more convenient to carry and does not leak water or air.
    Moreover, the sealing ring of the water cup has relatively high heat resistance. If the water cup is filled with high-temperature boiling water, the sealing ring of the water cup will not deform. For example, Mingzhen Silicone Products Factory specializes in producing sealing rings for water cups. The first choice for manufacturers of sealing rings for water cups is sealing. Although different brands of products have different sealing methods, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for water cups.

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