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Square silicone sealing ring



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Square silicone sealing ring
    • Commodity ID: J5100

    Silicone ring is a kind of sealing ring! Silicone is a kind of rubber material, because of its special performance, wide temperature range, excellent chemical properties, so with fluorine rubberTogether it is called special rubber. Silicone is widely used to make all kinds of seals.

    Advantages of silicone sealing ring:

    Heat: Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber, can be used almost forever at 150 ° without performance change, can be used continuously for 10000 hours at 200 °, and can be used for a period of time at 350 °. Widely used in heat-resistant occasions, hot water bottle sealing ring, pressure pot ring heat-resistant handle.

    Cold resistance: ordinary rubber late for -20 °-30 °, that is, silicone rubber at -60 °-70 ° still has good elasticity, some special formula of silicone rubber can also withstand very low temperatures, such as: low temperature sealing ring.

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