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Anti-slip silicone O-ring



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Anti-slip silicone O-ring
    • Commodity ID: T8544

    SiliconeThe choice of O-ring seal material is of great significance to its sealing performance and service life. The performance of the material directly affects the performance of the silicone O-ring. In addition to the general requirements for silicone sealing ring materials, silicone O-rings should also pay attention to the following conditions:

    (1) Flexible and resilient;
    (2) Appropriate mechanical strength, including expansion strength, elongation and tear strength.
    (3) Stable performance, not easy to swell in the medium, and small thermal shrinkage effect (Joule effect).
    (4) easy processing molding, and can maintain precision size.
    (5) does not corrode the contact surface, does not pollute the medium, etc.

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