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Small hole thickened silicone gasket



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Small hole thickened silicone gasket
    • Commodity ID: I8900

    Silicone gaskets are generally used in the electronics industry, soft thermal conductive silicone film from an engineering point of view to imitate the design of how to match the irregular surface of the material, the use of high-performance thermal conductivity materials, the elimination of air gaps, so as to improve the overall heat conversion capacity, so that the device at a lower temperature.

    characteristics of silicone gasket:

    ● High reliability

    ● High compressibility,Soft and elastic

    ● Lowthermal conductivity

    Natural stickiness, no additional surface adhesive required

    ● Meet the environmental requirements of ROHS, SGS and UL certification

    ● A variety of color options, colorful, can be customized shape.

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