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Silicone flat nozzle head suction nozzle



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone flat nozzle head suction nozzle
    • Commodity ID: R3652

    Performance of silicone electronic cigarette accessories:

    1. The degree of inhalation: refers to the feeling of inhaling smoothly or not when inhaling electronic cigarettes. Generally speaking, a good electronic cigarette inhales more smoothly and is closer to the feeling of inhaling real cigarettes;

    The amount of smoke: whether the amount of smoke sucked per mouth is sufficient, in general, the amount of good electronic cigarette smoke feels larger;

    3. Battery life: Generally speaking, the longer the battery is used, the better the quality of the battery;

    4. Atomizer life: At present, some fake and inferior electronic cigarette products are very easy to damage, and the damage of the atomizer is also related to improper use.

    5. The capacity of the bomb: Generally speaking, the larger the capacity of the bomb, the higher the technical content.

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