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Silicone potato press



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone potato press
    • Commodity ID: Q3652

    Silicone kitchenware (English name: silicone tableware)AdoptFood-grade FDA,LFGB is a general term for tools and utensils used in kitchen baking, cooking, stirring, production, conditioning, ingredients, and modulation through molding or encapsulation. It is a new type of kitchenware category converted from kitchenware made of other materials such as hardware and plastic. With its unique environmental protection, stable chemical performance, high temperature resistance and softness, anti-fouling, dirt-resistant, non-stick and other superior performance, in many materials of kitchen utensils stand out. Silicone kitchenware consists of two categories: one is pure silicone kitchenware, one is encapsulated silicone kitchenware.

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