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Silicone cartoon coin purse



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone cartoon coin purse
    • Commodity ID: J2560

    The advantages of silicone cartoon coin purse:

    1. The surface of the product is smooth and the color is bright.

    2, health and environmental protection, no smell, shockproof, mildew, sun protection. 

    3, good elasticity, toughness, high tear strength, good flatness, high temperature strength.

    4. The colors are various and complete. The internal colors are more than 10 colors, and the colors can also be adjusted according to the Pan Dong color number provided by the customer.

     5, waterproof and durable anti-aging, soft and hard moderate elasticity, safe and odorless, not easy to dye dirty can be washed.

    6, the surface is smooth and supple, bright color, soft and hard moderate elasticity.

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