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Silicone Medical Hose_Silicone Medical Products_Silicone Tube Customization
The stress and hardness of silicone tube are increased with the increase of crosslinking density. The traditional vulcanization system can obtain higher constant elongation stress and hardness. Medical silicone tube soft, good stretch.
Lunch box seal ring_waterproof silicone ring_silicone seal ring
Silica gel is a new type of polymer elastic material, has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, and good physiological stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and permanent deformation characteristics.
Extrusion Gas Fittings_Medical Silicone Fittings_Extrusion Silicone Fittings
Liquid silicone medical accessories have good medical properties, colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, flexibility, and high transparency. Silicone products can solve bad medical problems and meet the medical effect of patients.
Foldable Silicone Lunch Box
Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean; wide range of use, easy to store, easy to clean, non-sticky, long service life, and safe and environmentally friendly, can be placed in the dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator, oven safe to use, Mingzhen Rubber and Plastics has many professional designers, welcome to map or sample design.
Bluetooth Audio Protective Cover
Small audio protective sleeve, small speaker silicone protective sleeve traditional shape is not rigid to enhance the beauty of the computer desktop.
Silicone Miscellaneous Pieces_Rubber Gear_Silicone Rubber Products
Silicone miscellaneous parts have high and low temperature resistance, maintain good elasticity in the temperature range of -70 ℃ ~ 260 ℃, and have many excellent properties such as waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, conductive, wear resistance, oil resistance, etc., which meet the EU environmental protection standard.
Silicone Sports Watch
Silicone watches belong to the category of silicone gifts in silicone products. The raw material used in silicone watches is solid silicone. The watch band is formed by mold molding and vulcanization. The header is generally assembled by plastic header. The buckle is generally made of hardware or plastic materials.
Silicone wine bottle cap_silicone bottle cap_silicone products
I believe that many people have a special liking for beer, but if you happen to drink a bottle and a half of your stomach and can't swallow a second sip, whether it's unfinished beer or cola, it can be used to keep it fresh.
Abottle medical silicone plug_silicone plug custom_silicone plug processing plant
It is used in daily necessities and small waterproof and dustproof household appliances, and its raw materials are mixed by precipitation silica gel combined with high fine molecular silicone resin combined with white carbon black. The product has good molecular chain, soft material and comfortable use.
Silicone ice cube custom_silicone ice cube molder_food grade silicone products
Silicone as the main raw material processing works, are called silicone products. Silica gel is a porous substance with different particle sizes formed by proper dehydration of silicic acid gel.
Silicone coasters_silicone coasters custom_silicone coasters manufacturers
Coaster with silica gel is environmentally friendly non-toxic special transparent silica gel, two-component high strength, high transparency, high tearing, soft hand feeling, strong adhesion, small shrinkage of the new type of printing glue. At present, it has been widely used in three-dimensional branding trademarks, clothing printing, ribbon printing, silk screen printing.
Needle silicone electrode sheet_silicone electrode sheet_silicone accessories manufacturers
There are many kinds of physiotherapy electrode sheets, mainly including various kinds of medical physiotherapy products configured to contact with human skin. According to the functions of various physiotherapy instruments, physiotherapy electrode sheets can be manufactured using various materials that are harmless to the body.
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