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Oil cup silicone needle, silicone plug


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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Oil cup silicone needle, silicone plug
    • Commodity ID: MZ00148油杯硅胶针

    Among the many synthetic rubbers,Silicone rubber productsIt is the best among them. It has the characteristics of tasteless and non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and resisting severe cold. It is "calm" and "does not change color" at 300 degrees Celsius and minus 90 degrees Celsius, and still does not lose its original strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber products also have good electrical insulation, oxygen resistance, aging resistance, light resistance, mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc. Not only as aviation, cutting-edge technology, military technologyThe use of special materials in the technical sector, but also used in various sectors of the national economy, its scope of application has been extended to: construction, electronic and electrical, textile, automobile, machinery, leather and paper, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medical treatment.

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