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Silicone plug processing_silicone plug custom_silicone plug manufacturers



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    Product NameSilicone plug
    Product materialFood grade environmental protection silicone
    Process DescriptionForming-Inspection-Shipment
    Project cycleSample mold 3-5 days, production mold: 7-12 days
    Quote: Within 4 hours
    Silicone sample moldThe finished product sample will be produced on the third day after the sample mold is confirmed OK.
    Large cargo capacity5000-10000PCS/day
    The main products include all kinds of silicone products, rubber products, mobile phone silicone sleeves, Sony PSP game console silicone sleeves, silicone tableware, silicone baking pans, silicone watch bands, silicone keys, silicone rubber conductive keys, silicone accessories, insulation rings and other accessories, shower silicone accessories, mesh leaks, gaskets, rubber foot pads, thread guards, sealing rings, O-rings, waterproof rings, silicone rings, air conditioning sealing rings, industrial rubber products, back double-sided adhesive products and so on

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