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Silicone Audio Miscellaneous Power Amplifier Accessories



  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Silicone Audio Miscellaneous Power Amplifier Accessories
    • Commodity ID: T0075

    Power amplifier buttonPower Amplifier Kit Key Power Amplifier AccessoriesSilicone accessories buttonThe products are made of high quality silica gel raw materials in advanced equipment. This product uses a multi-color one-piece molding process, a variety of colors of silica gel into the mold one-piece molding, the product itself will not fade. The characters of the product use screen printing process, the quality is excellent, the characters are clear, under normal circumstances, the use of 200000 times does not fade. The application of high-end HIFI audio amplifier equipment not only increases the grade of customer products, but also brings an irreplaceable user control experience due to the excellent feel of silicone.

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